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Office is messy, boxes/items are stored by the desk. Unused or obsolete books or manuals are present. Extra office supplies and extraneous personal items are in the area. More than one work file out on desk.

Desk layout is inefficient. Books and files are stacked haphazardly. Space is shared by several unrelated jobs. Flat things are not stored vertically. Files are not displayed in a visual manner to reduce search time.

Computer and monitor are dusty and dirty. The desk top and shelves are stained and dusty. The telephone mouth and ear piece are dirty and unsanitary. Floor is dirty or unkempt.

No sign of improvement from previous audits. Level of cleanliness and organization continues to be below optimum.

No discipline is evident. None of the 5S steps are being followed. Others in the work group are not encouraged to participate in 5S

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