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5 S Instructions

There are 2 checklist

1) 5S Office Checklist For Office Area (5S Office Checklist Template)

2) 5S MS Checklist For Machine Shops (5S MS Checklist Template)

Both Checklist use the same "Results" and "5 S Schedule & Map" Templates
Print Both on Legal (8.5x14) sized paper.

5 S Quick Process

1) Review & Modify Checklist Template
2) Create Map of Area
3) Create 5 S Schedule
4) Input all Information into "5 S Schedule & Map"
5) On the "Results Template" sheet
a) Replace Individual 1 (2,3,4…) with person or machine Name.
Add more if Nescessary
b) Replace Work Area 1 (2,3,..) with Area Name. Add More if Necessary
c) Formulas

1) For each Work Area Add up all Scores, for each of the S's,
for every Individual in the Area.
2) Divide by the total number of Individuals in the Area.

d) To Graph the Radar Charts.

1) Highlight Cells for Individual 5 S Score (this Sample…A1 to I6)
2) Click on the Chart Wizard
3) Pick an Area to plot your Graph.
4) Click Next
5) Click on the Radar Chart; Click Next
6) Click on the 1st Chart; Click Next
7) Click Next; Insert Graph Title; Click Finish
8) Resize & relocate graph to proper size.

6) Print Results and Post within area
7) Update 5 S Schedule As Needed.

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