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The spreadsheet is not as complex as it may appear at first glance.  The input portion is what we would consider typical of a normal production or manafucturing operation.

Data is entered into the "white" cells.

Burden Costs

Our spreadsheet provides for Direct and Indirect Burden costs.  Identifying these costs requires careful consideration to costs that are truly part related versus operational or facility oriented.For the purposes of the model, we could create calculations to consider the direct burden allocation per part, however, we recommend confirming your intentions with your Finance department.

Excel Time Calculations

The difference between two TIMES or DATES is easily calculated by subtracting one from the other, however, Excel does not allow "negative" values.The shift report is based on consecutive hours worked and considers the change date change at MIDNIGHT to be the start of the next day.

We use this knowledge to calculate the difference between the start and stop times indicated on the shift report based on "consecutive" hours worked.All calculations on our spreadsheet are based minutes and seconds.  A more refined resolution could be used if necessary, however, the time base chosen seems to fit most industry applications.

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