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Problem Statement for Kaizen Event:

The Small Casing Cell has a YTD (Jan – May) rate of 118 minutes per piece (min/pc).  Reduction in the min/pc rate can be leveraged to reduce lead times and improve productivity.


Reduce the min/pc rate by 20% from 118 to 94 (Project Goal)

Identify constraint operations and reduce cycle time by 20%

Reduce setup time on constraint operations by 10-20%

Develop workflow pattern guidelines for area associates

Develop on-going weekly min/pc or appropriate cycle time metric

Verify and document all improvements

List of Team Members:

Buzz Liteyear (Machine Shop Manager) – Project Champion

Linda Leanbelt (Industrial Engineer, BB) – Project Facilitator

Peter Perfect (Craft Associate – Machinist, Leadperson) – Process Owner

Gary Grinder (Craft Associate – Machinist)

Suzy Sharp (Tool Designer)

Fred E. Freeloader (Co-op)

Willie Walker (Manufacturing Associate – Material Handling)

Mike D. Maker (Manufacturing Engineer)

Chubby Checker (Q.A. Technician)

Event Timing:

 Event   Date

  • Selection and notification of team members 07-01-XX
  • Kickoff Meeting 07-02-XX
  • Team orientation and training 07-07-XX
  • Conducting of Kaizen event 07-07-XX
  • Measurement improvements 07-10-XX
  • Implement controls 07-11-XX
  • Presentation to process owners and management 07-11-XX

Projected Costs:

Approx. $1000

 Projected Benefits:

Reduced minutes per piece rate, reduced setup time, workflow pattern guidelines, metrics to monitor improvement

 Management Agreement:

Buzz Liteyear (Machine Shop Manager) – Project Champion

Kick-off Meeting:

July 2 (Wednesday) @ 2:15pm (Training Rooms) – All team members should attend


Kaizen Schedule:

July 7 (Monday) – 7am start (Training Room)

July 8 (Tuesday) – 7am start (Conference Room B)

July 9 (Wednesday) – 7am start (Training Room)

July 10 (Thursday) – 7am start (Training Room)

July 11 (Friday) – 7am start (Training Room)

Team members should ensure their availability all day for all 5 days


Final Presentation:

July 11 (Friday) @ 3pm (Training Room)

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