How to Provide Great Customer Service if You are an Internet Marketer

One of the reasons that people are drawn to Internet marketing is because they, perhaps incorrectly, assume that once they start they will have to put little effort into it. It seems too easy to set up a website that people can visit in order to buy products, do all you can to attract business to your site, and just sit back and wait on the money to start rolling in. This view would make it seem like there is not much recurring effort that needs to be put in. Perhaps this is why so many internet marketers think that they can ignore proper customer service altogether. The problem lies in the fact that customer service is just as important in an online business as it is to one that isn’t online. Here are a few ways that you can ensure that you always give the best customer service to your clients when Internet marketing.

Never underestimate the importance of the “thank you” e-mail. This one gesture can change the way people see you, even if you do this by simply sending out an automated e-mail message to each customer thanking them for their order. Most e-mail providers have an easily set up and FREE auto response system that you can use to create a simple “thank you for buying my product” e-mail. This is definitely worth doing! That one simple e-mail could bring that customer back for even more sales! Another nice touch is to send buyers an email after they have purchased something that offers them a discount on their next purchase. This process is very easy to automate through a responder, but is a good strategy because it gives your customers incentive to come back for more. This is a great way to add hundred, or maybe even thousands, of dollars to your bottom line. Everybody loves a good sale! You can go about this a couple of ways either by creating a set of coupon codes that you give to previous buyers or by offering a product or service created just for them if they respond directly to you.

Be sure that your e-mail address is functioning. You can lose sales very quickly if people write to you only to have their e-mails bounce. Make sure you keep your e-mail inbox below its limits and that it is accepting inbound e-mails. In addition to people getting frustrated, they may also think of you as a spammer if too many of their e-mails bounce! Offline businesses aren’t the only ones that need to pay attention to customer service. If you fail to offer good customer service to the people who buy from you, you won’t have very many repeat buyers. Well done customer service is usually one of the biggest influences in which businesses succeed. Have you been doing your best to keep your customers satisfied?

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