SEO web site traffic generation

Studies show that over 90% of all online users use search engines to find what they are looking for, whether products, services, or just plain old information.  There is only one way to get to the front page of those results and that is by mastering SEO web site traffic generation.

Sure you could spend money on PPC advertising to jump ahead but you better have some deep pockets.  Plus, if you don’t know what you are doing with Pay Per Click then your site could get slapped by Google, or you could just spend lots of money with utterly no return on your investment.

The most tried and true method to get web site traffic is by making sure all elements are in place with your website as far as search engine optimization is concerned .  Once you have that straight it’s time to get busy!

Yes…. I do mean busy.   Nothing good ever happens overnight so don’t fall into those pie in the sky dreams of a sudden flood of traffic to your site and money just magically appearing in your PayPal account.  It takes some effort.  Even if you did see a sudden surge in traffic, it could be short lived if you do not keep up with building back links and driving traffic.

The search engines have a job .  That is to provide the most valuable information to their customers as quickly as possible.  If all they do is dish up spammy sites then their customers will go elsewhere .  So, if your web site is not providing value to the almighty search engines than it will get pushed to the bottom of the dog pile.

How do you provide value?  First and foremost is to generate quality content.  Give people some good stuff.  Not just on your website but syndicate it to other people’s websites.  That’s how you get great back links.  Building back links will get you SEO web site traffic.  Search engine optimized website traffic is the BEST traffic out there.

Why is SEO website traffic the best?  Think about it, a potential website visitor enters a keyword phrase into Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  They are then presented with a list of 10 or so websites on the first page related to that what they are looking for .  They quickly scan the results and click on the first one that tells their busy little mind that their answer lies in the following website.  When they arrive at that site, they take about 2.3 seconds to either be impressed and happy with their choice or annoyed and uninterested.  They either stay and love you or they hit that back space button never to return again!

If your website page is relevant to that keyword phrase and designed to engage the visitor as well as impress the search engine algorithms than you will get more happy customers from your web site traffic.

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