5s in manufacturing

5S, A Philosophy of Work

January 23, 2016 mmllmm 0

The 5S program highlights basic aspects such as using the proper tool, the proper accessory, and the correct information. It seeks respect for arranged times […]

5 whys

5 Why’s

January 17, 2016 mmllmm 0

Five Why’s Preparation Five why’s is a Root Cause Analysis Tool. Not a problem solving technique. The outcome of a 5 Why’s analysis is one […]

5S red TAG download

5S Red Tag Strategy

January 6, 2016 mmllmm 0

5S Red Tag procedures (Free download 5S red tag template below) Step 1: Select members from various teams Select a high level manager to participate […]

VSM guide

Guideline on VSM

January 4, 2016 mmllmm 0

1.     Agree on scope and objectives. Know the details that this VSM for some product family, Top level / Middle level / Bottom level. Must […]

VSM Symbols examples

Symbols for Value Stream Mapping

January 3, 2016 mmllmm 0

[wpdm_tree category=”vsm-templates”] VSM Process Symbols Customer/Supplier This icon represents the Supplier when in the upper left, the usual starting point for material flow. The customer […]

Cost Deployment stratification

Cost Deployment Pillar

January 1, 2016 mmllmm 0

The first pillar of the World Class Manufacturing methodology to enable must be the Cost Deployment because that’s what makes a guide for the reduction and […]

5S Methodology

5S Methodology

December 27, 2015 mmllmm 0

When you begin to work at a place, you usually start at the bottom of the scale. You have to make your way to the […]

Total Productive Maintenance - TPM

What is TPM ?

December 27, 2015 mmllmm 0

What is Total Productive Maintenance There are two common questions asked often “What is TPM or What is Total Productive Maintenance” and two “how is […]