Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Total Productive Maintenance pillars

What is TPM?

The focus of TPM is on equipment and people with the objective being the elimination of all forms of equipment losses.

Equipment should always be:

  • Available
  • Capable
  • Adequate and
  • Contribute to the flow of products towards Customers

What are equipment losses?

Equipment losses can be grouped into 6 major categories, each of which requires the adoption of appropriate best practices to reduce or eliminate them.

  • Breakdowns
  • Product change over time
  • Speed losses
  • Minor stops
  • Start up losses
  • Rework and defects
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What are the Best Practices we need to improve?

5S, Leading and managing change, Teamwork, Visual Measures, Problem solving, Effective and Autonomous maintenance

Recommended Exercise

Identify a key bit of equipment (bottleneck) in your organisation and establish how much of the time is the equipment not producing for the above reasons.

  • Speed losses and minor stops may be difficult to establish at first but often can be the biggest area of opportunity.
  • Speed losses represent the difference between the rates at which the machine is designed to be working at versus the actual speed it has been set up at. (NB operators often slow equipment down to ensure the ease and accuracy of processing.)

TPM Tota Productive Maintenance presentation ppt

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