5S Red Tag Strategy

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5S Red Tag procedures

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Step 1: Select members from various teams

  • Select a high level manager to participate as a team member

Step 2: Identify 5s Red Tag targets

5S Red Tag template xls excel

  • Inventory, equipment, supplies, tooling, space
  • Office areas are not exempt from red tagging

Step 3: Define Red Tag criteria

  • Determine what criteria will be used to distinguish a needed item from an unneeded item
  • Example: Save only the items needed to conduct daily business in the area

Step 4: Explain red tag criteria to teams

  • Ensure a good cross-section of people tagging items to prevent “I might need that”
  • Red-tag work area as rapidly as possible

Step 5: Evaluate red tag items

  • Review material which has been red tagged
  • Dispose of truly unnecessary inventory, equipment and other items
  • Teams may retain material which has been red tagged if they can show proper justification
  • Discard any material which is still tagged after a pre-determined time
  • All red tags must be completed and returned to red tag coordinator

Red Tagging Helpful Hints

  • Record information about all tags used on a 5S Red Tag Log so that dispositioned items can be tracked easily.
  • Make sure everybody understands what is to be red tagged and why.
  • Discourage people from being defensive. Be fair – all areas get tagged!
  • Don’t red tag people.
  • Don’t compromise; IF IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!
  • Necessary items can be tagged if improvements are known or suggested.
  • Do not put multiple tags on any one object.
  • Make reasonable allowances for decorative items such as family pictures, plants.
  • Disposition all red tags

Red tag process

  • Usually two different approaches;
  • Team identifies and labels all unnecessary items over a one to two week period within working area
  • Blitz approach; team uses red tags to only identify items that cannot be removed safely or easily. All other items scrapped or moved to
    “crime watch area”.

5S Red Tags – A Useful Sorting Tool

The red tag is a useful tool to help the sorting process – in the factory, warehouse, or office. These tags are used to identify unnecessary items that need to be either thrown out, recycled, sold or relocated. They are especially useful as a visual management tool as they easily communicate visually to other staff members that the tagged items are unneeded/unwanted.

Free Download 5S red tag template

5S Red Tag template xls excel


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