6 Sigma


What is it?

Six Sigma is a measurement based approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process. To achieve Six Sigma levels, a process must not produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. A Six Sigma defect is defined as anything outside of the customer specifications. The project based improvement strategy focuses on process improvement and variation reduction accomplished through the use of primarily 2 Six Sigma methodologies DMAIC and DMADV.

What are the 2 primary methodologies?

  • The DMAIC process – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control is an improvement system for applying to existing processes which fall below specification i.e. are a problem.
  • The DMADV process – Define, Measure, Analyse, Design and Verify is an improvement system used to develop new processes or products at Six Sigma quality levels. It can also be employed if a current process requires more than just incremental improvement.

What are the Best Practices we need to improve?

5S, Standard Work, Leading and Managing Change, Teamwork, Visual Measures, Problem Solving, Fail Safe devices (Poka-Yoke), etc.

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