Defects and rework

7 Wastes: Defects

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

Poor quality and the resulting defects are a major source of cost for many companies.  This is also a cost that is often under reported […]

Waste Motion

7 Wastes: Motion

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

Motion is a waste common in both manufacturing and service industries.  This waste is very similar to transportation waste, but relates to movement within a […]

Over Processing Waste

7 Wastes: Processing

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

Processing activities are typically viewed as value added.  It is the manufacturing processes that add value to the product and to the customer.  Despite this, […]

Waste - time is money

7 Wastes: Wait Time

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

Waiting is one of the 7 Wastes that most people recognize easily.  Eliminating time spent waiting has been a focus of manufacturing improvement activities since […]

Inventory Waste

7 Wastes: Inventory

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

Inventory is recognized in as a waste in the lean system.  This is because inventory does not add any value to the customer, but has […]