process type

Process Type

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Many organisations feel that the issues and problems they face are unique to themselves. Fortunately this is not true and therefore we are able to […]



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What is it? Lean is a Continuous Improvement Process, which focuses on the elimination of all forms of waste by following several simple steps: – […]

theory of coinstraints TOC

Theory of Constraints (TOC)

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What is it? TOC is a thinking process designed to help organizations focus their effort during a continuous improvement process. The focusing methodology follows these […]

What is lean thinking

What is Lean Thinking?

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Lean Thinking is about making continuous improvements to enhance business performance. A number of Continuous Improvement philosophies and techniques have evolved. These include, Total Productive […]

Toyota Production System

Toyota Production System

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

The Toyota Production System is the methodology developed at Toyota that led to the development of lean manufacturing and the lean philosophy. The Toyota Production […]

Continuous Improvement

Lean Maturity

January 30, 2016 mmllmm 0

Knowing When You’re Lean Recently I have been seeing more and more discussion about Lean Maturity and people asking us how they know they are […]

Total Productive Maintenance - TPM

What is TPM ?

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What is Total Productive Maintenance There are two common questions asked often “What is TPM or What is Total Productive Maintenance” and two “how is […]

Ergonomics Horizontal and Vertical Reach Zones

What is Ergonomics ?

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To answer the question “what is Ergonomics” we will start with a dictionary definition of it. Ergonomics is defined by most dictionaries as: The applied […]

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What is Standardized Work ?

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Now we turn to Standardized Work a term that is often confused with another commonly used term Work Standards. Firstly both supposedly serve the same […]

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What is Kaizen ?

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We will now tackle the question “what is Kaizen?” on this page. Let’s start by giving you a definition that reflects how Toyota defines it. […]