Process Type

July 24, 2016 mmllmm 0

Many organisations feel that the issues and problems they face are unique to themselves. Fortunately this is not true and therefore we are able to […]

6 Sigma

July 24, 2016 mmllmm 0

What is it? Six Sigma is a measurement based approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process. To achieve Six Sigma levels, a process […]


July 24, 2016 mmllmm 0

What is it? Lean is a Continuous Improvement Process, which focuses on the elimination of all forms of waste by following several simple steps: – […]

Theory of Constraints (TOC)

July 24, 2016 mmllmm 0

What is it? TOC is a thinking process designed to help organizations focus their effort during a continuous improvement process. The focusing methodology follows these […]

What is Lean Thinking?

July 24, 2016 mmllmm 0

Lean Thinking is about making continuous improvements to enhance business performance. A number of Continuous Improvement philosophies and techniques have evolved. These include, Total Productive […]

Defining Collaboration

April 2, 2016 mmllmm 0

All companies communicate with their partners using three basic building blocks. They Exchange, Integrate and/or Collaborate Exchange is the realm of the EDI providers or […]

Pareto Diagram

March 22, 2016 mmllmm 0

In the generation of science basically there are lots of improvements are shown in the society with the help of the sciences. Science has enhanced […]

5S: Sort

February 2, 2016 mmllmm 0

“When in Doubt, Move it Out” The first step in 5S is Sorting essential from non-essential items.  The goal is to leave only the items […]

5S: Straighten (Set in Order)

February 2, 2016 mmllmm 0

The straighten step establishes designated locations for everything.  This ensures that tools, materials and resources can be found easily when they are needed, and are […]

5S: Shine

February 2, 2016 mmllmm 0

Organization and cleanliness go hand-in-hand.  After eliminating the non-essential items (sort) and placing everything essential in its proper place (straighten), the next step is to […]

5S: Standardize

February 2, 2016 mmllmm 0

As with any program, success is dependent on the expectations, guidelines and continued monitoring of the program.  5S is not a spring cleaning activity that […]

5S: Sustain

February 1, 2016 mmllmm 0

The most important element of 5S is developing and encouraging total employee involvement.  5S is not a program for a portion of the workforce.  Everyone, […]

Lean Manufacturing Tools

February 1, 2016 mmllmm 0

Lean Manufacturing provides a methodology for eliminating waste and improving organizations.  This methodology developed over the last 50+ years, and has yielded a wide array […]

The 7 Wastes

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

The 7 Wastes provide a central theme to the lean methodology.  The goal of lean is to maximize value and minimize waste.  Ultimately, value to […]

Toyota Production System

January 31, 2016 mmllmm 0

The Toyota Production System is the methodology developed at Toyota that led to the development of lean manufacturing and the lean philosophy. The Toyota Production […]

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