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Two weeks or more before the project:

  • Identify project leader (Champion) and Management Sponsor
  • Choose team members and confirm availability with their managers
  • Prepare a Project Approach and collect any historical data required to support the project
  • Reserve a team room for the project

One week before the project:

  • Sponsor - review and approve the Project Approach
  • Notify team members that they are on the team (do this early in the week)
  • Determine who should attend the following events, and invite them:
    • Management Review
    • Celebration Dinner
    • Final Presentation
  • Arrange to bring in lunches for the team during the project

One to two days before the project:

  • Hold a 10 minute team meeting to gain commitment from each team member
  • Assure the project cell/ area is properly scheduled to support planned time observations (representative parts)
  • Gather any supplies required for the project (flipcharts, post-it notes, area maps/layouts, area schedules, etc)
  • Print out copies of the Project Approach for the team

Project Day 1:

  • Team training or team building exercise
  • Review the Project Approach with the team
  • Discovery – Conduct observations in the project area
  • Analysis – Quantify observations and use team tools to do a “before” analysis

Project Day 2:

  • Brainstorm – Brainstorming focused on team goals and objectives, based on information collected from the discovery and analysis phases. This usually starts with the full group, which may be broken into smaller sub-teams depending on the project.
  • Plan – Soon after lunch, the team should re-group and begin to analyze the ideas they have gathered. This often includes ranking ideas based on impact, cost, and ease of implementation.  By mid-afternoon they should have a good idea of what they want to implement as a team.
  • Management Update – The purpose of this informal review is to get management approval on ideas the team plans to implement that week. In addition, the project leader may prepare management to use this time to push the team either in a different direction or to be more aggressive in their ideas.  The rest of the day (after the review) may be used to begin implementation or to divvy out implementation assignments for the following day.

Project Day 3 / 4:

  • Implementation – Team members may work in sub-teams or independently for part of the day, but the team should regroup every 2 hours to make sure we are still on-track and not running into problems. Machine moves or other maintenance requests may be scheduled for overnight completion.
  • Make a list of the actions/requirements to implement the ideas generated in the brainstorming. Assign team members to work on those actions/requirements. Set specific completion times.
  • Get people out on the floor or in the work area ! Ideas are brought to life on the shop floor not in the training room. Team members to update the team leader regularly so that modifications of the ideas can be coordinated.

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